Blue Water Petroleum Corp.

The Blue Water Project is located near Billings, Montana, on 12,979 gross acres. The drilling target is the Tensleep Sand Formation that holds many millions of barrels of oil (11-13 API Gravity) at shallow depths averaging 1,000', normally between 600-1,300'.

Elsewhere in the region the Tensleep oil can be 20 API gravity , is considerably deeper, and has been conventionally produced. The Tensleep can have 40-50' of payzone, 18-28% porosity and 800 md of permeability. Recently, 4 wells were drilled in Sec. 22-T5S- R25E on the initial 40 acre test location.

All wells showed excellent saturated oil columns in the Tensleep Sand Formation. Further drill sites are approved, and a steam injection permit is approved.

In May and June, 2012, three wells were drilled to penetrate and evaluate the shallow oil deposits of the Tensleep Sand in the NESW Section 22- T5S-R25E, in Big Horn County, MT. These wells were drilled adjacent to the discovery well, the Deloro Resources 11-22 Tribal well, drilled in 2011.